DSEIN is an association, which is working in sustainable smart cities area with its expert team.

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About Us

Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative aims to make settlements more sustainable for humanity.

Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative

The Sustainable Smart Cities Initiative, based on a vision that accepts that 50% of the world population lives in cities and predicts that this rate will increase to 70% by 2050, to create livable and sustainable residential areas by taking into account the social and environmental awareness of the society, cities, living spaces. It is an association established in studies conducted by the Republic of Turkey. The founder of this initiative is also the president of the World Sustainable Energy Institute (WSEIN), which is based in Vienna and carries out active work in more than 70 countries.


President of the Initiative

Vision and Mission

The mission of our initiative is to make interdisciplinary cooperation and research with WSEIN in the fields of sustainable energy, transport, environment, and public, taking the model of Vienna urbanization with excellent technical knowledge. The vision of the initiative is to make every city a sustainable city like Vienna.

Our Values



Cities must include different cultures and empathize with each other.


Clean air, water, and safe living spaces determine the quality in the city.


The communication between the city and the community should be strong.


People's adoption of city policies increase the reliability of the city.


New sustainable city cultures should be created.

Our Awareness