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Banu Yıldırım

Banu Yıldırım

Vice President

Banu Yıldırım has a successful career in Germany for more than 30 years in pedagogy, counseling, business administration, and teaching fields. Yıldırım is currently co-chairing the Turkish-German Education platform headquartered in Germany. At the same time, she is the vice president of DSEIN – Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative in Turkey. She is a board member of ATÖEF, TÖDER, and TEB institutions in Hessen, Germany. Yıldırım has organized 4 educational fairs with many schools, vocational schools, universities, and large companies in Frankfurt, which is a smart city. In many sustainable society projects, she worked with primary and secondary school and university students in Germany t make them aware and participate in these projects. She organized seminars and training programs for young people concerning these topics.

08.2011 – 08.2013 Pedagogy, Alice-Eleonoren-Fachhochschule, Darmstadt / Germany AES – Fachhochschule, Social Pedagogy, Darmstadt/Germany

05.2011 – 06.2011 MS Word, MS Excel 2010 Basic Course, Darmstadt/Germany

03.2011 – 06.2011 Return to Profession Training, Guidance and Development Courses, Sefo_Femkom, Darmstadt/Germany

13.03.211 Profilingtest Person Orientation Test Version A Geva-Institute Certificate, Darmstadt/Germany

09.1996 – 06.2009 Motherhood and Family Time, Darmstadt/Germany

06.1993 – 08.1996 Business Administration, Anadolu University, Cologne/Germany

03.2019 – Present  World Sustainable Energy Instıtute – Education and Communication Manager – Vienna/Austria

09.2018 – 02.2019 Teacher – Beethoven Primary School, Offenbach/Germany

03.2018 – 09.2018 Teacher – Anne Frank Primary School, Offenbach/Germany

09.2017 – 01.2018 Pedagog – Exercise and nutrition daycare of the SG Arheilgen, Darmstadt/Germany

08.2014 – 08.2017 Pedagog – Social Critical Working Group, Darmstadt/Germany

Work with the German Child and Youth Protection Authorities (Jugendamt) on Children and Their Families Subjected to Violence and Sexual Abuse, Darmstadt/Germany

08.2013 – 08.2014 Intern – Social Critical Working Group, Darmstadt/Germany

08.2015 – 03.2017 Teacher (Turkish) – Mother Tongue Lessons for Turkish Children Between 5-10 Years Old, SKA Darmstadt/Germany

02.2013 – 04.2013 Project Development ‘Music and Dance Stories’, Villa Regenbogen Gräfenhausen, Weiterstadt/Germany

02.2011 – 06.2011 MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Internet Course, Darmstadt/Germany

15.12.2017 – 17.12.2017 The position of children of Turkish origin in the German education system and the tasks of parents and teachers’ associations ”/ ATÖF, Darmstadt/Germany

16.06.2017 – 18.06.2017 Immigrant Families Living in Germany and Mother Tongue Lessons, Germany Turkish Teachers’ Federation – ATÖF, Darmstadt/Germany

14.11.2016 – 16.11.2016 School and Educational Security, Basic Education Seminars, Darmstadt/Germany

Basic seminar for safety officers, BGW professional association for health services and welfare, Hadamar/Germany

10.11.2016 Management of Positive or Negative Situations of Child Development in the Family, Provincial Youth Rectory, Darmstadt/German

29.10.2015 – 30.10.2015 Child and Parents’ Crisis Management, Pedagogical Academy, Darmstadt/Germany

18.02.2015 – 11.03.2015 Emotional Sensitivity and Social Relations in Children and Adolescents, Child and Youth Development Support and Education Plan According to the Education Regulations of the State of Hessen/Germany

07.11.2014 Health, Eating Habits, Disorders, and Addiction in Adolescents and Youth, Darmstadt/Germany

01.04.2014 With coaching tools for better cooperation, AES BIKOM e.V. Darmstadt/Germany