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Public Space Game Plan

The Municipality of Barcelona has prepared a Public space game plan with stakeholders containing more than 400 professionals, organizations, and members of the public, both children and adults.
With this project, Barcelona aims to become a city with specific playgrounds that are more diverse, creative, accessible, and inclusive, while urban planning serves the game. The project responds to proposals to create a playable city for the development, well-being, and healthy community life of children, and to develop a certain human right to play for children. In this context, 63 actions have been prepared, ranging from micro-interventions and tactical planning to large urban development projects.

Removing “no ball play” marks “Obrim Carrers”: Closing certain streets to traffic at the weekend. Let’s play in the squares: entertainment tips to encourage people to get together. Prioritizing games on the streets and squares on Saturday afternoons for youth clubs. Preparation of the Cooperative Education, Green and Community Playground Plan for the city’s preschools and primary schools.

We protect schools: completion of every school playground. More water and sand games. Creating unique recreation areas and urban sports parks. Supporting games for children with a variety of functions.