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Conference and Forum

World Sustainable Energy Forum

Working in the fields of Sustainable Mobility, Environment, Energy and Community, DSEIN, as a partner of the 7th International Sustainable Energy Forum held in 2017, welcomes experts from companies and organizations from the international energy and environmental sectors focusing on energy, environment and sustainability solutions.

World Sustainable Energy Conference

It is known that greenhouse gas emissions from conventional energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas are the main cause of global warming, which poses a serious threat to our planet and is beginning to change the climate. It has become crucial to find new ways to harness energy to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Under these conditions, it became inevitable to discover and introduce innovative approaches that lead to a sustainable lifestyle with applicable energy solutions.

Academic articles on sustainable energy issues are being evaluated for the International Sustainable Energy Conference organized as part of the World Sustainable Energy Forum. Suggestions for holding special sessions are also welcomed.

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