DSEIN is an association, which is working in sustainable smart cities area with its expert team.

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DSEIN Trainership

You can become a member of our DSEIN-Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative to share your professional knowledge and competencies in sustainable transportation, environment and waste, energy and society, and to contribute by providing sustainable solutions to problems.

How to Become an Instructor

DSEIN-Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative aims to produce sustainable solutions in sustainable transportation, environment, energy and society issues and to create this awareness. It organizes trainings, workshops, webiners, conferences and forums to create sustainable cities and societies. People who work for the existence of society in more livable cities and have professional knowledge and competence in this field can contribute to our work as instructors.

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You can send your application to [email protected] by filling out our DSEIN Application form.

Please contact us for your questions.  To download the application form;