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Urban Walk Plan

Urban Walk Plan The city of Melbourne has prepared an urban walk plan to manage and improve the city’s pedestrian mobility by evaluating it within the transportation plan. With the prepared plan, it is aimed to strengthen pedestrian mobility by creating an uninterruptedly connected pedestrian walking network.
Some of the key actions in the plan include:
Improving the way pedestrians are included in transport planning and management decisions
Creating an attractive walking environment and connected walking networks
Handling of pedestrian crowds, including train stations and bus and tram stops
To reduce pedestrian delays in signalized crossings.

Developing Transportation Technologies

The city of Melbourne, in collaboration with the Institute for Sensible Transport, evaluates the effects of new transportation technologies on the city and the success of applications.
The city government is conducting a city-wide survey to understand how the emerging transport industry will change the city and what opportunities and challenges will arise from changes and how best to meet them. In this context, it is investigated how the city will be affected by advanced transportation technologies such as new roads in car sharing, public bicycles with GPS connection, and automatic vehicles powered by electric or solar energy. The study is made available as a report evaluating the effects and results.