DSEIN is an association, which is working in sustainable smart cities area with its expert team.

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It is obvious that energy consumption, emission, transportation, and traffic have negative effects on the environment. Traffic and air pollution play a key role in global warming. DSEIN – Sustainable Smart Cities lnitiative aims to develop traffic planning systems that meet the needs of society and at the same time maintain the Earth’s ecosystem.

Our motivation is to develop sustainable transport systems for more livable cities


We control all components that generate traffic in the city to design Sustainable Smart Cities. Our various working areas for the city’s transportation system; industry, housing, working, public and green spaces,bicycle and pedestrian transport, public transport systems etc..


The main topics that we provide services;

Traffic planning

Energy in public transport systems

Environmental effects

Sustainable Solutions for city-specific transportation system problems

Solution for companies

Vienna, the most livable city in the world, adopts an urban mobility policy that is sustainable and also ecologic, economic, and social.By reducing the use of private vehicles, it increases the use of pedestrians, bicycles and public transportation even more.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, was selected as the world's most livable city for the 10th time in 2019.

Vienna aims to increase pedestrian, bicycle and public transport types by reducing the use of private vehicles in the transportation system by up to 20% according to its 2025 targets.

These modes of transport are; based on long-term investment in the city, ecologically sustainable as it provides mobility to all citizens regardless of economic and social standards, and they ensure the protection of social, natural resources and the creation of smart cities.