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Magok Smart City Project

Seoul City has developed a smart city test center project where individuals, experts, and companies can try their projects to develop smart solution technologies to urban problems. The companies that will implement the Five Smart City Living Lab projects have carried out the projects with residents and experts for about six months, using the Magok Region as a test environment. Suitable City for the Visually Impaired to develop an application that will help the visually impaired to walk and buy goods easily.

“Magok Smart City Scent Community Mapping” to map odor data,

“Fire Recognition System of Magok Settlement Area Based on Living Laboratory” to detect fires in flats,

“Outdoor Delivery Using Robot Platform Based on Automated Ride in Magok Industrial Complex” to implement a delivery service work with automated driving robots.

“Work on Station Based Smart City Type IoT Personal Transport” to build stations exclusively on electric scooters.

The results of the project were shared in the prepared briefing session.