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Sustainable Energy Program

Depletion of resources and constant increase of energy demand have an huge impact on climate change and ecological disasters of our planet. Growing world population as well as technical progress creates a growing energy demand. Referring to EU Energy Policy department by the year of 2050, the worldwide energy demand is projected by World Energy Council to be at least double its present level. In addition to primary energy resources the secondary energy resources like Renewable Energy, Wind, Sun, Photovoltaic, Waste to Energy, Biogas, Biomass etc. already become more and more relevant. Further beside the energy production, topics like energy efficiency and intelligent usage of energy are key for sustainability considerations.

The Sustainable Energy Program is designed for participants who are interested in renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy demand for mobility, energy production for industry as well as energy for cities and energy demand for buildings.

Course Subjects

Energy – Energy mix

Renewable Energy Bases


Electricity Generation

Solutions for Cities

Solutions for Companies

Target Group

The online course program is designed for decision makers and representatives (mayors) who are interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency for communities and cities.


The duration of the Sustainable Energy online course program is 2 hours.


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Course Fee

The fee for the Sustainable Energy online course program is € 200 per person. A minimum of 10 people should attend the program.