DSEIN is an association, which is working in sustainable smart cities area with its expert team.

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Gökhan Yıldırım, MSc


My vision is for the future population to live in cities like Vienna, the world’s most livable city. Cities, like people, must be able to learn and develop from each other.

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Banu Yıldırım

Vice President

Quality of life should be equal for every individual in cities. Cities must grow in the light of sociology and pedagogy.

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Yavuz Selim Yıldız, MA


Law enforcement and city administrators have to pay attention to the sustainability of their political decisions.

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Gülsüm Ortaç

City Planner

Business and residential areas, social infrastructure areas, green and public spaces, and traffic areas that make up the city’s land use should be distributed equally and in a balanced way. Otherwise, we cannot talk about sustainable cities.

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Talha Selim İpekçi

IT Expert

Management of human population mobility can only be achieved with a controlled database. For this, urban big data management is needed.

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